The Coming Year

The final year of my high school career is coming in roughly two weeks, and its presence brings about a sea of questions and concerns. However, it is not the final year of high school itself that is troubling, but the graduation of high school, and entering into university that is most daunting.

The high school years seemed to just speed by, I could still remember many events that occurred in my first year. Yet now, it is funny how the end of high school brings about two completely different emotions.

Happiness and fear.

Firstly, without a doubt that graduation from high school is a thing of bliss, another generation of teenagers about to enter society and hopefully, climb up the social ladder as well. Secondly, it is both interesting and exciting to enter university, the change of environment, habits, and people all bring about a feeling of joy. Departing from the safety and daily caring of one’s parents no doubt shoulders one a backpack of responsibility, and with it comes expectations. It is in university where it will be the first time for a majority of the graduating population to totally be embraced by individuality. It is in an environment like that where pressure from society, the education institute, and the surroundings will force us to grow up, and grow up quickly, forge an identity that since junior high the teachers have been preaching to us about.

But all that is frightening.

Perhaps for the first time in our lives we are tossed away from the love of our parents, plunge into a fast company society that slows down for no one. Upon graduating, the user-friendly high school environment is forgotten, a short summer is given for us to prepare on a psychological level, then we are given suitcases and backpacks filled with memories from our exhausted high school lives and told to carve out our own future in the university that accepted us.

Or maybe it is the endless choices that we are given that is most intimidating. As soon as we enter university, an ocean of different paths and doors are shown to us, yet we know the end to none. New friends, enemies, knowledge, thrills, failures and triumphs, all to be experienced as a part of our welcoming party to society. Our future is shrouded in a cloud of darkness, and that darkness clears away, little by little, with every step we take, but the final result will only be illuminated when we lay aged on our deathbed.


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