Comments: Don’t we all need to reflect upon ourselves sometimes? Just don’t be too harsh. 🙂



I’ve found it, dropped it, lost it, now I’m searching again,

I’ve fallen, tripped, now I’m on my feet again,

the not too distant future is smirking at me,

he’s saying, “I’ve seen you hoping and praying, but once you’re here,

coping is not possible, possibilities always fall short,

a poor sport, you’ve always given up, you’ve never tried,

even for the practices you’ve taken up,

and after this, I hope you’re all shaken up.”

And the present, he laughs, saying,

“stop worrying about the future, you’ll do it when you get there.”

Forget the nonsense, just thoughts worth a share,

a look in the mirror,

an image of an overconfident kid who just wants to escape,

from the daily doings before expectations take

me from this fortress I made,

to shield out empty words, and let the hollow souls fade,

I try to evade, argument constantly,

but situations come up

so quickly and emotions take over instantly,

but I can’t tell if there’s really any hate,

and my pain, you know you can never relate.

12 responses to this post.

  1. I like anything that does more than scratch the surface of an idea…well articulated 🙂


  2. deep words…
    smart thoughts.

    keep it up.

    join poets rally if you wish.
    awards are given upon participation.


  3. I enjoyed reading the conversation!
    At times, it is we who prove to be the biggest challenge. We are so grief stricken that we don’t look beyond for a solution- even though there may be one waiting- if not more.

    I have been through ugly times myself- so I can dare say- I know this pain!

    Hugs xox


    • Hi Olivia, thanks for your comment, I agree totally with what you say. Right now, I think I have things more cleared now, the future doesn’t seem to be so foggy anymore. Indeed, our fragile selves prove to be our own greatest challenge, but if we can overcome ourselves, then I believe we can get past any trouble. 🙂


  4. it is hard to foresee the future, I know it.
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    would love you in.
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    have fun.


  5. Please feel free to share 1 to 3 poems with our potluck poetry today, first time participants could use old poems or poems unrelated to our theme, Thanks..
    Happy Monday!

    Love your blog, your poetry is impressive!

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    hope to see you in.


  6. Great thought provoking poem! I especially like that you took responsibility for building your own fortress. Great poem! Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Debrah for taking your time to read my poem! I think we all have times when we unconsciously shut people out from our lives, that’s how I was feeling at the time when I wrote the poem. Cheers!


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