Slightly Crazy

The ground trembles,

the sky rumbles,

I’ll tear this fuckin’ world down and watch it crumble

to the ground, ashes and rubble,

burnt matches igniting this passion for trouble,

a subtle pause, for a puzzled cause,

I’m losing but I’m still hearing applause,

dragging behind me, my own tragic flaws,

and I’m walking, amongst a desolate ruin,

shattered glass, broken mirrors,

these shards, tell me who can

piece together these thoughts

like they weren’t a bloody miserable mess,

I confess, same faces, no contest,

I tried, being the best,

fell, down watching the rest,

from the ladder, paces getting slower,

destiny’s getting closer,

these fucking posers yelling and screaming

“I defy you stars!”

I’m well apart, idiots, the only one I defy is he who set the bar

high up the sky, but I, know one day

I’ll be the one to snatch the bar,

scratch these scars and I’ll push the bar,

set it above the universe and no one

can ever reach that far!

They’re talking but I hear no words,

reading lips they’re nothing but slurs,

listen up, this is how it works,

chase, you’ll never catch,

steal, you’ll never snatch,

thoughts, you’ll never match,

strike, and I swear you’ll burn and crash,

yeah, those pitiful minds better not try to

riddle these rhymes cas when I write I commit,

beautiful crimes,

there’s direction in these words, these useful signs,

understand this work to trust you with a criminal mind,

together we will walk this path,

between these sinful lines!

4 responses to this post.

  1. rich words, you have beautiful imaginations.
    Happy Sunday!


  2. keep it up..

    share with us if you wish..
    Happy Tuesday.


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