Let me tell you a story of light and dark,
take this journey we shall embark,
into a world filled with greed and hate,
this man wanders soul-less in this masquerade,
and to all that’s said we can relate.
So he lives his life the life of being hanged,
executed by the white collar of corporate fame,
he trims not himself because profit keeps him tame,
so sane, this man’s power melts the line between true and false,
dancing with the devil he takes his last waltz,
so take one last look at this corrupted sight,
he works in the day but his day is without light,
the prophecy is told corrupted verses he recites,
oh masquerade, which mask does he wear tonight?

10 responses to this post.

  1. lovely story …
    light and dark are very attractive subjects.
    well done, send you blessings.


  2. welcome to JP..

    sign in to follow our blog if you wish..
    enjoyed your piece.
    keep it up.



  3. this poem rocks!! Reminds me of Donal trump and all the Suits who linger in the halls of darkness!


  4. nice one indeed solshards! thank you for sharing this.. my potluck-


  5. have fun, support by visiting a dozen entries starting from the latest one, go backwards, 226, 225, 224, ….214..

    your input is appreciated.

    Happy Wednesday.


  6. Deep resonating words here!
    Very well written 🙂

    Hugs xx


  7. Greetings!

    Thanks for the lovely contribution to potluck on week 25,

    week 26 is open NOW, we treasury your poetry

    and welcome you in in your personal convenience…old poems are welcome!


    link in your poems early, get better feedback, thanks.


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