School, Teachers, and Other Random Thoughts

The start of school always seem to go by so slowly, but then before anyone realizes, the first semester comes to an end. Going in to the senior year of high school really makes one think and see differently on the various aspects of school life. Teachers become more lenient towards senior students, and it is easier to treat a teacher as an equal, someone to share jokes with and not having to worry too much about offending them. Talking during a lecture is not that big of a problem anymore, probably due to the fact that most students wish to do well and actually pay attention, and also that the teacher no longer cares too much for the chit-chatting that goes around. The grade tens are always lost amidst the various stairways in the school, and are constantly trying to prove themselves to the higher grades, hence the inevitable hazing that occurs at the beginning of each year. Relationships with friends deepen with every new day, and post-secondary concerns eat away at the back of our minds, but it’s bearable, as long as friends are there to help. Just the general atmosphere of high school becomes a lot more relaxed, no more hurrying to classes (teachers don’t care much for lates anymore), no more sharing lockers with many people, no more pushing around the hallways (we know the better routes), and no more getting lost in the school.

Teachers play an important role in determining whether a class should be dropped or not.  Of course, other factors involving friends and the class itself (whether it is interesting or worth taking) are taken in to consideration as well. However, a good teacher is one that can simplify the complex, complicate the simple, one who understands students and knows what it is like to be a high school student, but most importantly, one who can make any class interesting and appealing to others. A teacher whom gives out easy marks may seem like a good teacher to many, but students that wish to learn should seek out teachers that are able to teach, not just hand out marks. Good teachers can usually be sought out by asking for opinions from friends and other students. However, counselors are reluctant to allow changes to be made to a timetable simply for teacher requests, which I think is bullshit. This is a perfectly good way of weeding out the bad teachers from the education system, to allow more room for teachers that can actually motivate and inspire students.

It’s getting extremely cold for September, this crappy weather in this city I can never get used to. Gloomy weather takes out any motivation to go exercise, such a pain.

Grade 12 biology does not waste time, usually classes in the beginning of the year waste a week to just get started, instead biology just hits you in the face with a stack of notes, hand-written too!

Tried to drop out of a class today, failed miserably. Totally useless class too, does no justice to the name of the course, definitely something I did not expect, teacher does not really teach, just posts an assignment online and then goes back to surf the Internet. Easy class though.

Never seem to be getting enough sleep, so many things to do!


Conversation With Death


Ignore all your fame and riches,

an empire built from your wicked tongue,

a mouth full of stitches,

but now, the road ends,

you will drown in a river,

of blood that never bends,

and of souls that belong to the scum of the living,

the cheaters, thieves, and the ones who compose corrupted bidding,

of liars, of murderers, and of ones who take without giving,

and in this river you shall learn,

the consequences of your deeds,

I will seek you out, riding upon a mountain of heads,

this weapon of mine will show you the rest,

and remember me well mortal,

my name is Death.


He who comes knocking at night,

in the shadows of my dreams,

he brings with him a defiled presence, or so it would seem,

his quiet composure, shrouded in a battered black cloak,

he glides not walks, he stalks afloat,

he has no face, or at least a face unseen,

he breathes a breath of frosty air,

the ground freezes where he has been,

old, withered, but his image is clean,

he carries with him, the weapon that settles dispute,

the weapon that ends all struggle,

the weapon of resolute.


Mortal, as you sleep so calm,

hear me not, the night is long,

let my cousin take you to a place of rest,

because when you wake your soul will be gone

tonight I will end your life,

you accomplishments and your pride,

are nothing but a soft candle light,

whose flame I will put out with my frozen breath,

and the smoke will be all that’s left.

So enjoy it well, mortal,

your last stroll with cousin Sleep,

by tomorrow noon your family will leave their tasks to cry and weep,

I shall accompany you to the pits,

your real resting place, a grave more than six feet deep,

your fame and pride, who’s to keep?


He comes again and he silently waits,

is he a ghost, a spectre, or perhaps a wraith?

An image of someone whom I conned?

Look! Now he starts towards me!

Yet, he comes with open arms,

an aura of welcoming light, no creature he would harm,

two pristine wings open,

he says he forgives my sins,

of fortune pillaged and stolen,

he offers his hand to me,

I take it without hesitation,

Dear Angel, take me to salvation!

Take me to paradise, to the Garden of Eden,

lead me away from the grasp of Satan!

But wait! His hands now melt to bone,

the glowing light fades, now a figure so alone,

his shining wings burn to ash,

and a familiar cloak like the night so black,

followed by the shaping of a scythe hanging on his back,

his boney clench renders me powerless,

fruitless efforts at trying to break free.

And now we are descending,

flying over a fiery sea,

a sea of anguish, hate, and blasphemy,

must it be me? To be the one who is dragged here,

by death himself, guess there’s no more fear.


Dear mortal, your struggles are so entertaining,

pertaining to your troubles, act as if you were praying,

false promises you’ve kept beneath a skin of lies,

a ever changing face, rotten with flies,

a thief, a spy, you’ve been all the falsified personalities,

reality, no longer is with you, you try to rule under your totality,

but sadly, the world is not at your command,

here you will suffer, a sea of flame, and knives as land,

so mortal, this is to all the false hands,

the food now for you, will be more than just bland,

you are but a carrier of disgust, disease like doings,

a plague delivered to the world, now you must be forgiving,

give in to your punishments, the sins you won’t be forgetting,

I’ve deceived you, as how you deceived your fellow mortal souls,

and here ends your days, the final baptism of your body and mind as a whole!

The Coming Year

The final year of my high school career is coming in roughly two weeks, and its presence brings about a sea of questions and concerns. However, it is not the final year of high school itself that is troubling, but the graduation of high school, and entering into university that is most daunting.

The high school years seemed to just speed by, I could still remember many events that occurred in my first year. Yet now, it is funny how the end of high school brings about two completely different emotions.

Happiness and fear.

Firstly, without a doubt that graduation from high school is a thing of bliss, another generation of teenagers about to enter society and hopefully, climb up the social ladder as well. Secondly, it is both interesting and exciting to enter university, the change of environment, habits, and people all bring about a feeling of joy. Departing from the safety and daily caring of one’s parents no doubt shoulders one a backpack of responsibility, and with it comes expectations. It is in university where it will be the first time for a majority of the graduating population to totally be embraced by individuality. It is in an environment like that where pressure from society, the education institute, and the surroundings will force us to grow up, and grow up quickly, forge an identity that since junior high the teachers have been preaching to us about.

But all that is frightening.

Perhaps for the first time in our lives we are tossed away from the love of our parents, plunge into a fast company society that slows down for no one. Upon graduating, the user-friendly high school environment is forgotten, a short summer is given for us to prepare on a psychological level, then we are given suitcases and backpacks filled with memories from our exhausted high school lives and told to carve out our own future in the university that accepted us.

Or maybe it is the endless choices that we are given that is most intimidating. As soon as we enter university, an ocean of different paths and doors are shown to us, yet we know the end to none. New friends, enemies, knowledge, thrills, failures and triumphs, all to be experienced as a part of our welcoming party to society. Our future is shrouded in a cloud of darkness, and that darkness clears away, little by little, with every step we take, but the final result will only be illuminated when we lay aged on our deathbed.


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